Poem -

My ‘Castle in the sky’

My ‘Castle in the sky’

There is a castle in the sky
it is hiding behind the moon
People go there when they die
Tho I don’t want to see it soon

But never-the-less one day I will
I know it has a room for me
Along with my parents & dear departed
that is waiting patiently

I look up to the heavens
you see I believe that they can see
everyone & everything
they have that ability

Watching down from up above
whilst showering raindrops filled with love
& When the North wind does blow with falling snow
this is just our angels putting on a show

The moral of my little ditty
Is I’m not afraid to die
My demise will be my final chapter
Amidst the  ‘Castle in the sky’

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Tony Taylor

Hi JILL!!...... what a gorgeous concept/creation this is......I apologize for not having kept up with your stuff recently........ life has been crazy of late...... but in a good way ~ new house ~ musical commitments!!...... regardless, you have delivered a VERY creative and unique poetic narrative here...... with some gorgeous phrasing permeating the whole ~

             ~ "Watching down from up above
                 Whilst showering raindrops filled with Love..."

A lovely poetic speculation as to the afterlife and its beautiful possibilities!!.......ALL STARS!!...... well done dear poet sister!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!........T xo 🐧❤✴


Jill Tait

Awww Tony I’ve missed you!!!! ThankX loads my dear poetic & musical friend ❤️