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My delusional dreamland

My delusional dreamland

Betwixt my bewilderment of bamboozles in the darkness of the night..my brain refuses to shut down, it simply will not give up it’s fight!..tho I take  a few long deep breathes to try my best to clear my  muddled mind.. it spins like a spiral yet I need to sleep, how unkind

A curled coiling corkscrew of crazy, cuckoo thought..scatterbrained, slaphappy, stupidity that makes me fraught..why an earth does my brain do this? in the middle of the night.. when I am meant to be in slumberland sleeping till the morning light..Oh how I hate this sleepless scenario, it’s not a situation I’d recommend.. whilst everyone else is a sleep, I am driven completely around the bend..I have googled my annoyance over and over sgain, trying every sollution it suggests but nothings works.. “What a pain”

I guess I’m not alone in my muddled, mixed up mentality, there will be other innumberable insomniacs lying wide awake like me..listening to their partner as one is amidst one’s deranged dream.. where anything is possible and nothing is as it may seem.. Oh how I envy them, if only I could lay on my
pillow and just drift away.. but I guess it’s cause my vivid imagination is in delusional dreamland each and every day

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Marion Price

I don't suffer with this, thank god but only because I read myself to sleep...if I don't read I can't sleep. You have expressed the awfulness perfectly 🧡