Poem -

My final words to you

you have your secrets and hid the facts
expect me to believe in this and that
you would tell me to listen to what you say
that this is the one and only way.
Well now i have questions for all around
and your word are no more, just a background sound
Now i learn and can finally laugh
but not at you, at the pain of my past
The heartache i made, made me stronger
and for a better life i longed for
following your rules did me no good
i ended up doing not what i should
to try and fit in with your worthy way
because i sat and listened to what you say
that is not for me, not what makes me tick
I've left you behind, your bitter wounds to lick
while I dance and sing and create
living my life in a loving state
you don't understand or feel the same
that's fine, just don't dim my flame
you have your ways and i have mine
i just wish you could accept that, that is fine
we come from the same tree but different forest
now I have learnt love its time to flourish
Thank you for your lessons in hurt and pain
for me, we can and will never be the same.
Its time for me to move on and cut ties
while you continue to rot in you own lies.
These my final words to you,
i hope you find you, and live, happy, healthy, honest and true.
take care. 


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RRG (Rebecca)

Packed full of promise and emotion. Well done.