Poem -

My Friend Across The Water

Through myΒ  poetry writing of my dear sweetheart one da,y out of the blue came a message from a lady who had read one of my
She has become my dearest friend we contact each other every day she taken me the darkness of the loss of my
And this lady had bought me back Into the light to where I had hidden for so long my lady from Texas has helped so much with my struggle of life
Snce my sweetheart passed on myΒ  she has always been there for me sending me messages that brighten each and every day and so blessed do I


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Cherie Leigh

Hi Johnny...I am so glad you are not alone in your pain and have made a friend who is giving you comfort.Β  There are so many nice people on Cosmo that have become my friends and been so inspiring and caring.Β  I am happy for you. xo ;)