Poem -

My heart is in sore


There is nothing hard
Like watching someone you love,
Loving someone else
The love you had for her,
That time will never get less
The heart is so stupid
When you are trying to forget about her
And how she pretended
Death leaves a heartache,
No one can heal
But love leaves a memory
That no one can steal,
I tried to forget about you
But the harder I tried
The more I thought about you
I still remember the first day
I met you
Everything was awesome, hey
The chat we had was all about you
Because I knew girls like you are few,
And the love I had for you
is seriously true
I wore your promise on my finger
For one year,
I will wear your name on my heart
Till I die
Because you were my girl
You were my only girl forever
It hurts when you have someone in your heart
But can't have in your arms
I remember all those hysterical things, you said
You left them running through my head,
You are always there
You are everywhere,
But right now I wish you were here,
Because my heart is in sore
Do you still remember our vows,
We made in front of the world?
Do you still remember your words?
You said when pastor bring us together,
You said you will be mine forever
And I said I will love you till a day after forever,
Where did we go wrong?
Does this means now we don't belong,
Together as we vowed?
So now because you have instigated your childish,
Must I go bond while you go free?
Must I love a woman who doesn't love me?
Or must I be born with so little art,
As to love a lady who will break my heart?
I hate it when crying is the only way to feel better,
It sad when you realize you aren't
As important to someone as you thought you were
I love crying in the rain
Because when I do
No one will hear the pain,
Baby let me tell you something
If you leave without a reason
Please don't bother your self,
Thinking of coming back with excuses
Yes now I know it's hard to forget
Someone who gave you so much to remember,
But now waiting for you
Is like waiting for rain in a drought
And that it's so useless and disappointing
I tried really hard I promise
But one day I just woke up
And I couldn't handle your love anymore
And it is true when they say
When you are in love
And you get hurt
It's like a cut but it will heal
But there will always be a scar
And now my heart is in sore
Goodbye Sthandwa
By: Syethemba Dizzmar Thwala

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Being Me

I hate it when crying is the only way to feel better,

Such a good line in what is a heartbreaking story x