Poem -

My Life

Rewriting the invision I use to see,
I'm gonna be 110 percent me,
The person I want to be,
Now I'm twenty one,
Use to wish my life was done,
Never had a mother,
I barely seen my father,
Grew up with my grandmother,
3 of eleven sibling's,
But to see them I was just wishing, 
A fucked up childhood,
I don't know how anyone expected me to be good,
Living in a house that felt like a hell,
because I just sat around and would dwell, 
Use to go to school,
Thinking I was cool,
But now I'm looking like a fool,
Because I'm behind the eight ball,
But no matter what I get back up every time that I fall,
Dropped out n I feel for the wrong type of love,
Just wanna through on boxing glove,
Because I'm mad I can't get back 6years, 
OF living my worst fears,
Just lived a life of pain ,
I was stuck in the wrong lane,
But I'm breaking them chains,
 February 20 2019 I lost my best sister,
Last message with her she was telling me how happy she was with her new MR,
R.I.P Gill sending my love,
Hope you watching me from up above,
Addicted to weed,
Everyday it's what I need,
Mary Jane,
Man it makes me feel insane,
 cause im walking among people full of greed,
But no matter what I'm making a mark with my seed.
Copyright © Chantal Haigh

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