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My Life Verse

My Life Verse

Low pressure.. pouring rain.. making one feel blue.. you need your mind occupied with something to do.. in my case I pen poetry as everyone can see.. whilst it’s a great indoor activity.. it’s also very good for me

My parents both went senile in one way or another.. the two of them went to cuckoo land.. my father and my mother.. so I have this theory that might work for me.. but only time will tell.. I’ll 
have to wait and see..whilst thinking words I make verse with rhyme.. it will surely help my brain for a very long time..

A healthy mind is a healthy soul.. and I love creating ditties it makes me happy and whole.. so unless I am unable and I cannot use my hand, my brain has went rusty and it doesn’t understand..God forbid the day that I cannot write.. yet it’s impossible to see the future.. that’s an uncertain sight

I shall sit on my sofa with my empty page on my lap.. with those question marks in my noggin.. wearing my thinking cap.. cunjuring all kinds of titles from betwixt my imagination.. my life and verse poetry from my very own creation

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