Poem -

My little ‘Honeybee’

My little ‘Honeybee’

“ Oops-a-daisy” I go crazy when I see your face
Your eye-lids flutter as you stutter when we are face-to-face
I’m in heaven when you hang-out playing at my place
“Woopy-do” you have’t a clue but Baby love you

You’ve got a special way of walkin’ you are just so cool, I am spellbound when you are talkin’
My my I think I am a fool
With your beautiful blonde curly locks Oh how you make me drool
Does it matter if I’m older in my last year at school

If I cut my hair & changed my style would you even notice me ?
I need to attract your attention to get your company
Maybe’s when you are older coz You’re only three 
You are the cutest cousin ever my little ‘Honeybee’

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