Poem -

My Matchstick Glow

My Matchstick Glow

Casually walking along my hallway corridor
Many bygone years ago
Startled with bewilderment
Zooming towards me was a glow
A minute matchstick head sized ball
 I’d not the foggiest what it could be
But as my narrow hallway had no windows
This immediately puzzled me

My small daughter loved her little nightlight, 
it was a girl indian squaw
Her head was made of rubber
She was very realistic you know
Well I was affraid she would overheat leaving her on all night
So as soon as Jennifer was asleep, 
I’d nip in & switch off her light

Well you know my tiny glow
I started seeing it quite alot
It was randomly zig-zagging 
& disappearing from me this little dot
It was as if I’d dusturbed it
I wasn’t supposed to see it’s sight
So though I never got used to it
I accepted it with a little fright

I got in the habit of coughing a small sound
As I entered on this strange mysterious glow that I had found
I had a few other experiences in my house that were all bizzare
Each incident were unexplained
As if a message from afar?
I won’t go into any details at the moment of the rest
But all were slightly different
The glow grew stronger as it progressed

One day my good friend Kirsty
Invited me to her house for a drink
She said” Jill I want you to watch 
something on the tv, see what you think”
So as I watched “Most haunted”
It was as if I’d seen the light
Oh my God these ‘Orb’ things onnit were the glows of mine alright

My husband’s brother was only 39 when he passed away
Poor soul took a massive cardiac arrest, that was a very emotional day
My daughters were very young so they hardly got to know him well
Was such a shame they didn’t
They would have adored him I could tell

Not many years later my hubby’s parents passsed too
I thought his brother would now find peace, I said “They are all together with you”
Well it is as if he had heard me from beyond the other side
The last time I had an orb, it was much bigger & I cried
It almost hit me on my forehead as I was walking to my bedroom
This hazy ‘egg-sized’ ball raced head-height in my direction with a silent zoom
Yes I was spleechless & I got a massive fright
But that was the last orb I ever saw in my bungalow that night

I now believe in afterlife 
No one could convince me of no other
I think my little glow finally left to join his father & mother
Nowadays over twenty years has passed without any more strange things
They are all together in Heaven
Three beautiful beings with Angel wings


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Being Me

Oh Jill I love this! What an amazing story. Fantastic x

Jill Tait

It is all very true and Thanks loads xxx

Greg Etsell

great poem I going to you tell you 
something i want you to look up some 
one on youtube his name is Hans Wilhelm
and in his videos he will tell the answer 
to you poem I have seen all most all of them
and it has givein me all my answer to all my question 
that I was looking for years so look him
up ok 

Jill Tait

This is really all true but I see nothing nowadays it was when my girls were small xx I will look this up Thanks loads Greg xx

Jill Tait

Ahhh he is relevant for my latest poem to one’s devine decree so brilliant I shall sit and listen to him he’s very calming xxx

Jill Tait

I can see why he is very wise xxx

Greg Etsell

I have wrote to him many times 
and he wrote back and has help me a lot
to understand things

Jill Tait

Wow that’s so great he must be lovely man 👍❤️