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My moment of reflection

My moment of reflection

This is my moment of reflection
I have lots of time on my hands sat in solitude coz of this dam awful infection
It has shackled each and everyone of us amidst our own backyard so changes have been made to our lives that are undoubtedly hard
But I open up my photo album and I’ve been to lots of pretty places where I have shared so much laughter from so many happy faces

Thank goodness for our memories in days like these as I sit all alone amidst the trembling of the tall oak trees, turning the pages from my photograph book 
I wear a smile on my face in this shady nook
As I look all around me “Was I blind before ?” I notice colours and hear sounds that I absolutely adore
Time on our hands gives us a different dimension 
Mother nature is so worthy of an honourable mention

I shall look back on my moment of reflection as the months pass us by from this peculiar imperfection
Reminiscing how we all kept our social distance trying to survive the uncertainty of existence
But each and everyone learned new lessons of life
as we were left all alone or just with a husband and a wife
Alas lives were lost in the year 2020
yet there were courageous, key workers who rallied around and there was plenty

Humanity soon realised that nobody was invincible as that dreaded disease spread like wildfire and people suffered the unthinkable
Many lost loved ones in the most inhumane ways without the tenderness of their touch in those isolation days
Yet from this tragedy a better world was waiting after Scientists sought a vaccine to stop the infection circulating

That generation grew stronger from survival 
We sent Corvid-19 packing from the lands of reprisal
Celebrations and street parties lasted for a while when everyone shared laughter with a reason to smile
Yes I look back on my moment of reflection as I cuddle my little ones up closely in connection


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Cherie Leigh

HI Jill....Yes, we all have to just hang in there and wait it out...Life will return as we knew it but it will take our patience.  I am so grateful for all the medical workers and employees at grocery stores. They put their lives at risk every day to be sure we are taken care of....I have so much respect for them.  I worry for them, but appreciate their devotion to help.  It will be so nice to be able to hug friends and family again when this time is lifted....We all need to keep praying and find blessings amidst this time of unpredictability.  It's scary.  I am just so thankful my children are with me.  I am thankful for nature...the beauty of spring showing she is still thriving and bringing us beauty and fresh air..  I live in the middle of woods around me and a creek, so to me it looks like I am in my own little world...and it is peaceful...I try to pretend that in this safe haven, the world is at peace.  I wish that for all of us to cling to hope. Love n Hugs

Jill Tait

I also live on our farm & park surrounded by sanctuary love we are indeed the lucky ones in all this my love ❤️❤️❤️