Poem -

My patterned skin.

Loved etched itself Within my soul , like Braille undefeated should,

I'd trace love back to meet you there before death, if only could

Like old times reflect on the ceiling where stars broke through the rooftops clear

In silent tears below the heaven's, a shooting star would wish you here

Cold nights without you, in midnights random thought Like butterflies fluttering in my stomach, your love is always caught

I'm sorry for the pieces we cannot pave like pathways home, I've life to live Whilst you do sleep, but keep to as my own

I've loved beyond the ending To conform that truthful tale,  That love survives that superficial shelter rearranged to body's dust

And in my heart find living Your time shall never end within, for I love you in the Braille of my patterned skin

Hearts may beat forever Even in that earth below, and as sweetly as the flowers come to find,

and watch it grow I'd pluck you from the heaven's, to look upon your beautiful face, and never let you go again in all of loves good grace

It's the hardest part of living Knowing that you died, I greave , But in my heart Your living, and shall not ever leave My side

So like the ending of a story We have our sequel too, Some day I'll reach the heaven's, because I'm bound to you

And in that soft embarking moment, make kisses eternal last the more, because I've loved you all my life, my sweet and true adore

With all my longing desire Makes heaven brightly shine the way, I've loved you every breath my darling, and there shall come a day

When we embrace with essence our souls entwined at last, and burn like fire In the heaven's like a starlet of the past

For all the love we've bravely fought for , may burn the nights and days of fire, and never cease to come to end, Our long lost loves desire. 

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Love reading your stuff. Classic again! It’s the hardest part living knowing you died - there’s a thought to ponder. 

Being Me

Oh...wow!  What depths of sadness this reaches!  Extremely well written x


Thank you sweetheart much love deano xo