Poem -

my place

my place

Close my eyes,
but they stay wide open.

open my mouth,
but words are unspoken.

Move my body,
but it stays in place.

life feels like a f*cking race.

try to look good,
what does it even matter?

I feel pretty down,
does it ever get better?

Im on this earth,
but it is falling apart.

try to see the use,
but it is really hard.

however I just know,
that this Isn’t it.

there is going to be a place,
for me to fit.

a place just for me,
where I can do my part.

I just did not know this place,
right from the start.


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My soul felt this one...brilliant, BRILLIANT WRITE!! I'm pinning this one!
There's more than one place for you as well, I want you to know that and Cosmofunnel is definitely one of those places!! Welcome welcome new friend!!

Gerard McGowan

It's hard to find your way in this chaotic life, it can be overwhelming at best, I think the best advice is to listen to the conscious beating of your heart for it exists inithe now whereas the mind exists within the past and future.

Welcome to cosmo.