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My “Shuffle-bum” crawl

My “Shuffle-bum” crawl

I reminisce from my earliest memories thru the eyes of a child, that infant was me so happily beguiled
looking up at my elders when I was just small, getting around on my hunkers, my ‘shuffle-bum’ crawl.. when one is a youngster you do what other’s do as the older generation know’s better than you..alas my elders got aged, with more decades of time, as the tick tock of the clock moves in rhythmically rhyme

But I learned my long lessons from my old folk’s relations, life’s realities with both positive and negative situations..whilst I am no master, nor a genius of college, I manage to surffice on my adaquate knowledge..those tales of truths that my Parents taught me, were fragments of factual fascination you see..words from the ones whom you love and adore, so you hold them all dearly within your heart evermore..I shall never forget those bygone stories of old, the days when my folks had no modern means to keep out the cold..can you imagine living without electricity, outside ablutions in those hard times of history

Yes those good old days with trouble and strife, when my Mother met a sailor and spent her life as his wife, she was in the Army also serving her country and Queen, in the second world war years of the unforeseen..thankfully these two newlyweds both survived the war, where my Father was a fisherman with their home on the seashore..now the rest is all obvious and very plain to see, Mam gave birth to five children and the youngest was me.. which is probably irrelevant and boring to you but that is my upbringing and all perfectly true

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