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My subconscious translation

My subconscious translation

Poetically poised I weave wonderment in my mind, words within sentences I adjust and align..with the world as my oyster I stretch my imagination, to muster an original chimerical creation 

One paragraph penned I am pleased with the flow yet in my mind’s eye, where will this go ? I shall unravel fine threads from tangles of twists, to conjure up, materialize shreads for the gists..whilst I recap recollections from my stories of old, those yesteryears yearnings so eager to be told

Too many pictures to play back and portray, which one do I pick for this lugubrious wet day ?perhaps I shall return to those times of my youth, tho my Life in verse has told tales of my truth..as a matter of fact betwixt my multitudinous yarns I should have summoned and stated my historic bygones

So this piece of poetry shall not reminisce from my memoirs, nor will it look into my future or study the stars..it is merely my muse and my personal procreation, as I waffle whilst wavering my subconscious translation..I said at the beginning I was unaware of my intent, unsure where this would continue or what is was meant

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Terry Reeves

Hi Jill,
why do we enter poems in the middle of the month instead of the beginning which would stand more chance of winning?

Jill Tait

Aww luv im not bothered mine arent good enough to win but I luv doing them its so much fun xxx