Poem -



How many times do you need to be told,
Theres only one guy ,and your my gold,
Your so precious to me ,that I want all your Love,
Thinking of you daily ,is like freeing a dove .

My heart soars freely ,and pumps my blood .
As your my one and only sexy stud .
I wait anxiously for that first touch. 
As i want and need you,  oh , so very much .

Your first kiss I know ,will be oh so sweet ,
Tasting like Honey ,it will be replete, 
You take my hand ,and lead me to your bed
Where I know we,re together, ,so happy and contented

This I know should be forever ,
Our love and kisses never to sever .
I'm so happy with you, and want to show my love 
As I hope you can, with no embarrassment, but with Manlove .