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Your seductive voodoo
You are my taboo
Meet me in the light of the moon
Give me your voodoo
Lets make a rendezvous
During the pink sugary moon
There's no more DejaVou'sΒ 
To the rose moonΒ 
My tabooΒ 
Me and you are going to fly!
The scent of your auraΒ 
Surrounds meΒ 
Let destiny carry usΒ 
In the palm of her hand
Don't be afraidΒ 
Don't close your eyes
To the thunder moon
Long night moon
Red moon
Every moon with you!
My Taboo
Let's make our rendezvous
And all the stars will sing
Ohh la la la la lah
Lah Lah Lah LahΒ 
Destiny has your planΒ 
In the palm of her hand!


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Larry Ran

Dear Brenda,

So nice to meet you.Β  I love the oomph of your beautifully written song.
You will see that I do my comments poetically, and am using a Haiku for yours.

Fly me to the moon
Together we'll float weightless
On Luna's Love Boat

Peace and Love,
Larry xxx

Brenda Strachan

Hi Larry,Β  Very nice to meet you tooΒ  :)
Thank you so much for the nice words about
my song.Β  I am glad you liked it, I loved
the Haiku response.
You are so talented!
Sorry for the delayed reply I was in hospital.
Looking forward to reading more of your poems and Haiku's.Β