Poem -

My Tingling Sensations

My Tingling Sensations

Silvery sheens sparkling in the briny sea
Ebbing & flowing your rippled waves from thee
Tossing & turning surpassing the sandy shore
Barefooted I leap little billows galore

With my jeans rolled up above my knees
I feel your icy coldness immensely freeze
Tingling sensations stabbing my brain
Brrrr that’s cutting like a sharp knife pain

Yet again & again I yearn for more
I arouse my consciousness with senses sore
Self-inflicting needle-pointed aches
The severity of the sea strength awakes

Surging, swelling, such a thunderous clap
As your lengthy slow breaker hits my kneecap
A reverberating rumble,
With a deafening roar
Cracking, exploding
Lapping the shore

I smell your salt
You taste of brine
Like a pungent, powerful acidic wine
Saltiness on my lips & skin
I feel your rawness pierce within

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