Poem -

My Wilderness Woodland🌳

My Wilderness Woodland🌳

Shaded from the canvas of the tall old oak tree
I paused for a moment to listen & see

Striped busy bees were buzzing all around,
sounding frantically funny as they hovered on their mission to make blossom honey

A subtle light breeze whistled thru the lime tree leaves
A golden field of ripened corn was in my view all bound up in tidy sheaves

I heard Woodpeckers a-knocking on a tree
I counted at least three of them,
They were directly above me

Streaks of grey smokiness bellowed from a distance
Deliberate attempts to rid the bracken with the Farmer’s assistance

Thirteen faint cuckoos calling from a Cuckoo bird
Such a marvellous sound of an early Summer to be heard

Bygone clumps of daffodils below an old broken, wooden seat 
They were crackling with the sheer dryness underneath my feet

I adore this wilderness woodland
Full of mystery & mystique
Such a spiritual sensation
Amidst the ancient & antique

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