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My wonderful lullaby-not!!

My wonderful lullaby-not!!

I lie in my bed each and every night willing sleep to take me on a slumbersome delight but tho I close my eyes and try to unclutter my mind, only fits and starts of fidgeting I find . Yet I get into my bed feeling listless and lethargic, so soporitic, I am a right sleepyhead

Insomnia is ruthless, rigid, relentlessness, it has me twisting and turning in a rueful restlessness . I have tried every remedy under the sun to rid this wired, wakefulness it’s not much fun . Yet the more one tries then the harder it becomes tinnitus rears it’s ugly mug of ticks and hums . Alas another darkness of doubt and doom thru the lonely hours in my bothersome bedroom

My brain is a bafflement of perplexity and confusion accepting insomnia as a foregone conclusion . Tho I tread the countryside on my daily jaunts sleeplessness troubles me with timelessness taunts . “An over- active brain” that’s what people say well if only I could alter it and just drift away . That’s easier said than done says I in my want for my wonderful lullaby

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Greg Etsell

great poem I to know 
what its like to not sleep
well and if you read
angels poem from yesterday
not sleeping and staying up writing 
poem after midnight and 
when i do sleep all  I do is dream
some are good and some are bad 
I haven't tried anything I think 
would help I am afraid to take sleeping 
pills afraid I wont wake and would 
get addicted and I don't want that 

Jill Tait

Yes i wont take sleeping pills either so we sound the same Greg xxx