Poem -

Mystery Beyond the Babylon

I AM God
and i am small;
those who don't know this,
don't know me at all!

I am Nazareth
can anything good come out of me?
Only as much as my Marys three
When the divine is conceived in mother, sister, bride,
only then will my treasure cease to hide

My cross is our labours
of body, mind and soul
By right contemplation
the fetus will grow:
that king of the kingdom,
the ruler of empires

My groom and my child are one
For they are my light and my strength
The brother is the seed bearer
and the seed is the brother bearer
For this substance is life
and it grows layer upon layer
Behind me, beside me, before me
He who was and is and is to come

Being put its hand through my latch
I left my chamber to follow it
In the darkness of night no one knew what I was except my Lover

Being stirred my love before the Spring
He awakened my consciousness
Who is he?
He is YaHovah
But The Name is insufficient;
even demons believe and tremble

I am ensnared by desire
Oh Lover! Why did you evoke my passion?
Until I find the Truth,
my thirst cannot be slaked

Shakinah you elude me
Glory stay still!
Glue your words to my ears as piercing jewels
Dangle the pendant of divine love between my breasts

What does my Master desire?
Fill me with milk for him,
until I see him standing upon a galaxy-sized stallion
in full battle regalia
Saving my land from the unjust

May he shine in power brighter than the envy of Mithra

May he honour us as Parvati: queen mother,
the patient and faithful steward

I am Nazareth
can anything good come out of me?
Only as much as my Marys three
The eggs of faith by the Galilee,
moving every mountain
Obedient to the utterance of John:
to make the path straight
for the Thrice-Born Savior

Utopia awaits!



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