Poem -

No longer. No more.

Sleep, never to wake up again
This is his prayer, his only friend
Lost in delusions he still finds truth 
but it's his heart he can never reboot. 

His nightmare isn't worth living for.
         No Longer.
         No More.

Blinded by his own stupidity
nevertheless reminded for infinity
that all he had was had to lose
No matter what he finds, he can never choose

strange whispers won't feed his core
         No Longer
         No More

Crawled in the corner of his bed
he's haunted by the words he never said
Locked his world inside the Scrolls of Time
remaining in the past, the darkness starts to shine

His empty vessel bleeds out on the floor
         No Longer.
         No More.

With a husky voice he cries out Her name
it's a past gone forever, unable to reclaim 
Had she only known his love was worth her strife
would she have still taken her own life

         To exist.

         No Longer. 
         No More

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So exqusite!  I really enjoyed this. a lot these emotions I do feel

DO me a favor, I rated you, give a couple of minutes of your time to rate and leave a comment on a recently submitted poem.  Inspiration is addicting

Tony Taylor

hi A RORY!!.....a VERY well crafted narrative piece!!......truly compelling with a powerful ending!!.......the formatting and the repetition works perfectly!!.......well conceived and BEAUTIFULLY delivered!!......ALL STARS!!....well done dear poet sister!!.....and......WELCOME to COSMO!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo 👏👏✴👌✴❤