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Nonsense Far Too Sour

Nonsense Far Too Sour

The butt of every joke 
The pity of every party 
The outcast that never got cast out 
I just took a trip and realized 
That assed out is the fast route 
To my death that is, because 
I hate this glass house... to the point 
Where I should take a shovel 
To the b*tch and smash the glass out 
Maybe screw around, smash some more 
Until I'm passed out 
I'm past doubt

23 years of nightmares have firmly 
planted the idea that right here 
I'm quite stuck
In this limbo where me and Jimbo 
Could hardly give a...what?

But you wouldn't know that huh?
Another chance and you thought 
I wouldn't blow that huh? 
I always do as I please 
To unholy degrees 
And say F the whole world  
I'm sure you know that huh?

So don't make any wagers 

Because bitter behavior, mixed with a "f*ck you"
COULD JUST BE my favorite flavor 
And believe me, I taste to savor 
So come meet your neighbor 
I slay demons and sunny days with no labor 
And a dull saber eating gummy life savers 
And that's the special kind of crazy 
That looks even better on paper 

Let me calm down
Because you're stressing me out 
Quit your woe is me bull
It's depressing me out 
Don't know what that's all about 
But you can exit stage left 
And let it follow you out 

Excuse me 
I'm getting rude again 
Just in that mood again
Where I castrate my ego and re-consume it 
For food again 
What a grotesque image
Livid though vivid 
I grimace while catching glimpses of 
This unforeseen scrimmage
Between dimwits and midgets
I'm up to my limits in lemons 
Nonsense far too sour 
So bitter you want to gawk about it 
And I forget what I was talking about...
But we can talk about it  

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Curious Onlooker

This is absurd!!!!! How dare you birth such a sour fruit that is this nonsense. This made absolutely no sense and yet I was captivated hahaha pinning it because I'll need to try and make sense of this later...let's hope I don't go as mad as you in the process! 


OMG!!! Thank you so much Curious Onlooker I had a feeling you would read this one! Thank you for reading and commenting. I'm glad it gave off the vibe I was looking for!


Thank you to everyone reading!!


Also big shout out to Curious Onlooker for his ever inspiring mind!!!


Anonymo!!!! What is this monstrosity of a poem, this is raw and unruly!! The flow the free nature of it so vicious and wild like a newbord child that wants to be free but possesses the mind of a prodigy yet still. This is untamed and I can dig it. This needs to be considered for the contest!


Wow! Well I thank you for saying so. I almost deleted it because of how crazy it was lol

Baby Canary

Hey Ano!! My brother told me to check out this poem by you and I must say I'm glad he did. I'm not the biggest fan of swearing but for the purposes of this poem I must say it fit well. It made the narration seem that much more free. Not bad Ano not bad at all.


I don't even swear this much but I feel like, to express the mood of anger effectively it was necessary here. Definitely not the usual case though. Thanks for reading!


Thanks Poetess I appreciate you!!


I've never had so much praise, thank you all!!!