Poem -

Not today

Looking forward

Not today

And days don't end.
because tomorrow,
Still comes to us lend. 

And now we are here...
without a passed..?
So we are we're..?
Or aren't we there..?
Or we were where..?

Always holding things that don't last.
It will always be a incomplete task. 
Where every step leads to be a outcast. 
And regardless of we're you stand, 
Nothing will ever Las or be a passed,
And never the less be attached. 
There will be know reason to wrap someone in your hands. Because every repeated feeling will be the first and we will all land where you landed.

In my world that's a curse. 
Almost like" why even think..
If you can't remember a thing. 
Or when Smile is killed,
But it's glad to be alive. 
Now it's a contender. 
But dam nobody remembers who had the knife.......... can you comprehend!

And now the Day's are only just...
a today!
A way to now 
and no more then!
Born to fly!
Yet we walk in life.
And then Walk to live
Just to find a whole on the ground.
As if some how... 
time lost it's half..?
Let's just say it's life. 
And that time had the knife. 

Moments and memories betrayed by what they had arrayed. Leaving the pass without passengers. Making tomorrow see never again a hero, but neither a coward. 
And all infront to be always our strangest, 
and not one legend too become our strongest. We are truly out of control,
and our farthest from still been existent. 
So consider asking God for live with permission. 

Your mind..
The thoughts....
And never a conclusion. 

your clouds holding rocks..
And our peace becomes 
the loosing of loving blocks.

That makes many treasures found
but purpose is found locked,
And the key is sound"
And that sucks when everyone where's a crown. 

The sweetest feelings,
And My dream's start a worry.
Of Your tears.....my tries..... and you terrified. 
I died"  you testified, and the world vilified.
God knows how many years I lived decertified

And now all my tries won't have a story.  
Lost visions can't ever see to find glory. 
Because It will always be night before it's morning. And night will always shine light brighter than itself can in bright daylight. And I don't see the universe burning. It's just our world crumbling.

We always won 
And never celebrated one
The lies were always the truth
And Our kiss died with us two too....

Like hooks that hold the good
And goodbyes that melt souls are great
Like when looks never get old is gorgeous. 
But then why do they say.....
"The old can't reborn before cold takes hold
So it's ok for all to let go. And what comes if I hold and say "NO"...?

So maybe there's days ahead. 
And nights ahead of that....
But only in the thought of now the moment 
And not to be remembered or recorded.

When not one idea can make it. 
But all emotions are at the end and understand it...

That giving of forward the pleasure to stop.
Is depriving the now, from reminding forward that it can rewind and look back. 
The real truth of when we lost the track. 

Because becoming loving 
Came as of time spend together 
And not of one living now 
And the other tomorrow...

And cuz silence guarantees it..
It made the tears acknowledge that warrantie came with worrying and that emotions inherited no knowledge....

And for what love!....?
did i live for....
And What soul became the soil 
Of my noun existing pass
But keeping me happy 
with at least never feeling last.
What I eyes saw me crawl in bright daylight
That saw me fly deep in the night time. 
The one that like me loved at the same time.

When not one end, ever began by ending the finish at the beginning then starting.

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