Poem -

Ode To The Moon

Homebound dogs sting me smiles in their connection.
Standing around creating igloos to keep warm
But I'm outside,Β 
Cold, but I got my foreign cigarette.

There are the group hugs, heads keep down but I can see past, I can see high
I look up,
I look up where the moon talks to me trough slide guitar in Pink Floyd songs,Β 
The moon is I, and I am moon
The halo,
The bubble that contains a thought for every star..Β 
A star for every thought.Β 
I whine like she does but I keep it silent,Β 
Drink the mystic wine to bore till violence
This is my ode to the moon.
The earth is your brother, you are the guirdian
Quite like home is my lover and I may only dream about it.

But I'm down to filter,
It's time to go!
I have to reach that mountain for I want to remind me of nostalgia that left me hard years ago.
Or perhaps stars looked better then.

I check the time, peak out my nightly midnight canvas
And let the blood run boiled as it now melts
My sugar made heart.