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Oh beautiful ocean

Oh beautiful ocean

Oh raging, rolling, abyss of blue
With your white water streaks of silvery hue
Awakening my senses as I listen to thee
Beckoning my soul to thy solitary sea

Surrender your mighty powers of strength,
harbour our safety on our voyage length
Carry us securely to shores faraway
As we sleep in the slumber of your shaking sway

Sing us those sounds of the briney sighs 
From tales of the old fisherman’s cries
Scavenging the salty fathoms untold
Maritime men, Pirates with gold

Whilst I succomb to your wildness with wondrous views
Sunset horizons betwixt flourescent blues
Spellbound in a vision of lost & bemused
An infinity amidst present & past time fused

I struggle my stance of standing still
at the hand’s of weather’s elements with Neptune’s will
Amidst the rock & roll of your motion
I bow down to your mystique
Oh beautiful ocean


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Cherie Leigh

I bow down too, Jill.  The ocean is so mysterious...It is the one place here on earth that we have only explored about 8% and there is so much unknown about its depths left to explore....So beautiful to watch its waves tumble in.  You captured its vastness well with your words.  I enjoyed. xo