Poem -

Oh how I Miss Helen

From the first I fell In love with her never once did I think that 
I would lose her But heaven called for her to go In truth I knew I had to let her go
Oh how I miss her God  I miss her
so lost and alone without her by my side for she was  once was my beautiful
Oh how I miss her
Saw her gradually becoming ill before 
my very eyes but knew there was nothing I could do for her I could not take Helen pain
And I miss her Oh God  yes I miss her many time I prayed to God please give Helen's pain to me and set my sweetheart free I guess my prayers we're finally answered for now I have her
Oh how I miss her truly miss her I took the pain to free my sweetheart but never worked out that way for I had took her pain away but God still took her anyway Oh how I miss her truly miss her


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