Poem -

Old Souls

Old Souls

I walked in and saw you
I had no choice
You sipped on your coffee
You were reading James Joyce

Your drink had no whipped cream
No sugar or foam
It was black as the night
I knew you were one of my own

I was too shocked to move
And then in a blink
You got up to leave
Before I could think

You were out the door
Your book under your arm
The dregs of your coffee
Were still at the table

I cursed my poor chances
And ordered a drink
With girls it’s always quick glances
My romantic luck stinks

I sat at your table
And read for a while
I brought the same book you did
All I could do was smile

When I went to go home
Thinking that we should have met
To my great surprise
You were outside smoking a cigarette

You looked into my shocked eyes
You were shivering from the cold
You said you knew right when you saw me
That, like you, my soul was old

I drank of your lips
And you drank of mine
Our hearts beating from the coffee
And from the love your courage made mine

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Morgan Ahern

Wow, this was really good and I like your alternating rhyme scheme. It was an enjoyable read.

Tony Taylor

All around excellent work!!..... the narrative compelling..... the rhythm and timing 'spot on'!!......ALL STARS!!.... well done ABRAHAM!!...... and.....WELCOME to COSMO!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.....T xo 🐧✴❤

Edward Williams

Well done narrative really enjoyed reading and welcome to cosmo