Poem -

On A Lark

On A Lark

get on with it. all the living you can do.
i suggest you move the moon
three inches to the right.
sleep faster.
wake when all the living in you is dying in you.
overcome the despair of your Irony.
boldly go where you’re leaving
so as to return unrepentant
in your Living

be all about your journey.
forgive yourself when necessary.
harbor your lost compass -
in your blindspot.
and get where you are going
On a Lark.

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Marion Price

Wonderful uplifting words...enjoyed reading 😊

Cherie Leigh

Hi August ...Sounds like good advice....to forgive yourself when necessary to go on in life and live on a whim...Positive energy to this that I love.  xo ;)  Thanks for sharing.