Poem -

~ On Beauty & The Light ~

~ On Beauty & The Light ~

In the creation of beauty itself,
The orange hue from the light
Reflecting sun, in the morning dew
Lingering, upon blades of grass
With an awareness of the coming
Is bravely beautiful
In the eyes of the poet or painter.
In universal eyes
It is only
In a never-ending
Sea of examples
Subtly revealing
The similarity
In all things,
And the beauty of nature
Being the herald
Of the coming understanding
That God
Can be found
In one's own quintessence
In the light,
In All things...

Tony Taylor


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Tony Taylor

Thank you JILL!!....... apologies for the slow reply dear poet sister!!...... glad to know you're out there..... and care about this world we call Cosmo!!...... smiles..... your cyber-friend and admirer!!........T xo  : )

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

This is so beautiful Tony....I love nature and thinking about how intricate everything is that shows God in it.  Poet's are a bit more sentimental over the things in life that give us connection....You drew a portrait of how specialized life is and not to be taken for granted...that God is in everything and we should look for him in the simplest yet most complex organisms....So lovely.  I had to pin this to feel it again.  You are so unique and special in your writing.  You always inspire me.  xo ;) Love n Hugs, C

Marion Price

Very deep and powerful writing and you are right, there is so much beauty to be found in everything but it requires us to take the time and effort or it is missed, gone in a flash. Enjoyed very much 🌹🌹

Tony Taylor

Thank you MARION!!..... it is so nice to hear from you......I appreciate your taking time to delve into my world for a few minutes.......ALWAYS a pleasure to hear from someone whom I respect and admire!!!....... you're the grooviest!!...... hugs n smiles........T xo : )

Icarus Flocke

Very amazing. I love the transcendent aspect portrayed by noting the (much overlooked) idea of an interconnected nature those fortunate come to discover when looking more deeply at the universe. Making All eyes, minds, and spirits stems of the same root cause. 

I know first hand the existential HORROR of separating self from source to the point you can no longer see the beauty of The All.
 until you become a mere platonic cliche living in a cave of shadows you confuse with The Real.
but You portray life's TRUE BEAUTY so well that I think "perhaps there's still hope."

Bravo my brother.

Tony Taylor

Hey Thanx JEREMY!!....... yeah, I have such an attachment to the idea that all things are interconnected by energy in all of its forms that I cannot help but have deep appreciation for writers like Emerson who shine light so beautifully on the unseen that it becomes truly poetic.... which, for me, is MORE than exciting.... it is a never-ending source of inspiration!!.......thanx again for taking time man!!...... peace n stuff!!........T xo  : )