Poem -

~ On Pain Of Death ~

~ On Pain Of Death ~

When blood trickles from your nose
And pain bleeds secrets
Into your ears
To whom do you listen, the doctors
Or the fear
When you can't piss into a cup
When they tell you to
What do you do..... play along
Or insert some fake urine
So that you don't have to listen to
The internal grief
How long is long enough
Before someone understands your pain
How long can you imagine
Will come again
One week in these Penny Loafers
And I swear that you too will see
It's not that I am crying
It's that I'm afraid
My family
Will see...

Tony Taylor


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Jill Tait

Totally brilliant Tony Wow!!!! please can u read me ‘Poppy day’ my first ditty this mornin’ xxx It’s subject looming very close so I keep putting them out lol xxx

Cherie Leigh

Hey T....I know this is an old poem you found that you never posted, but boy does it speak of having the frustration of an illness no one understands and wanting to hide how serious it affects your fears.  Pain is no fun!  No one truly understands it except the one experiencing it....and they feel they must hide the seriousness of it to save others pain. I think pain humiliates and makes a person feel less than themselves....sometimes to the point of shame.  I am sorry you live with your pain, and I wish I could take it away from you.  Writing is a wonderful outlet for that pain to be expressed. This is emotional for me to read, knowing you like I do...oxoxo  Love n Hugs, C  

Marion Price

Oh Tony....a perfectly expressed agony...I felt every word, a beautiful and sad piece, thanks for sharing 💕

Icarus Flocke

amazing as always my friend.
the last lines really drove it home

I've felt that fear, and concealed
many a tear to set the hearts of
others at ease, or furthermore to
keep them from weeping on my

this work would resonate with
many souls suffering from various
medical (and I think spiritual)
problems, and serves as an inspiration
for me to keep fighting that good
fight. (or what I "deem" to be such)

very well done brother