Poem -

On The Lord's Day

Got in the door from church
It was a real soul search:
How much do I host my Saviour
How well do I love my neighbour
Do I sit with them vulnerable on the floor
Does my house sport an open door
Have I consumed their food
Cried through their songs
Held their hands
Utterred their words
And appologised for past wrongs
Do I listen to their advice
And respect how they feel
Do I smile and speak kindly
Sacrifice some time
Greet them warmly
Gift appropriately
Or lend a helping hand
When circumstances demand
Manage the property while they're away
Little things
Like mail, flower beds,
Or feeding pets
Even for their welfare to God pray
Do I even know their names
And pronounce them right
Speak blessings over them
Day and night
I must confess it's not too good
My knowledge of the neighbourhood
I think I need to step it up


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Nice write angel this poem speaks straight from the heart bravo