Poem -

On the wings of Love

On the wings of  Love

On the wings of Love I have flown
Too high to ever come down
At Oneness I have known 
Entwined with My Shadow
Dancing in an unwritten trail of words through this town

On the ledge beyond the Edge I have stood
Looking up to stars high above 
But non compare in their brightness 
To the shining of thee, my Love

I have walked through Fire
Trugged for years through the Mire
With open arms awaiting 
My Love from a thousand lives.

By the wild untamed sea I sought thee 
On the sound of the wind and waves I caught thee
Blessed music our Holy Communion
2 Spirits dancing and whirling free

Do you feel me across time and space?
Do you long for communion
To hold me in Your grace
Does my shadow walk with you whenever we are apart?
Does your Soul yearn to lie next to my warm beating heart?

On the wings of Love I have flown
Too high to ever come down 
To the thorny cross I am nailed
Wearing Loves crucifixion crown..

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Tony Taylor

Hello D.D.!!.... this is a beautiful piece of poetic fascination......I could almost feel the yearning, the longing, running so gracefully throughout this piece...... the dancing on 'the edge' that is referred to here.... brings an almost metaphysical aspect to the whole...... creating a much broader sense of Love for the reader and begging the question ~ Is this Love spiritually beyond this plane of existence we experience here daily in our waking state?.... Or is it the Gods themselves at play?...... regardless, the Love is woven in so powerfully that it Shines beyond any questioning!!.....ALL STARS!! & PINNED!!... Well conceived and BEAUTIFULLY delivered dear poet sister!!......Smokin' grooves!!........ Your cyber-friend and admirer......T xo.  : )

Djangos Daughter

Thanks so much for the pin Tony much appreciated.  Indeed it is the Gods at play. Mischievous as they are toying with our frail human emotions. Old Souls bound for lifetimes, meeting and remeeting. Working out past lives Karma, weaving together the threads that bind us in this tapestry we call life. 
Happy you felt the Love running throughout .

Marion Price

Great write...thoroughly enjoyed ūüĆĻ

Djangos Daughter

Hi Marion many thanks for stopping by to read. Very much appreciated .Happy you enjoyed the write. DD