Poem -


She has one final step that she can take
Will leave behind only sorrow and heartache 
Thinks of the many steps she has taken before
One only remains and can't take anymore 

She has one final word that she can say 
While her nearest and dearest start to pray
Thinks of the many words that she has spoken
One one only remains and she is heartbroken 

She has one final breath that she can breathe 
To God she is now going he's ready to receive 
Thinks of the air she has breathed so many times
Putting an end to one of my saddest rhymes

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Audrey youde

Reminded me of last Oct when i lost my beautiful and lovely Mum ,Miss Her so much ,,it was heartwrenching Your words Kieran, but beautiful at the same time,, i miss you to x  I have pinned