Poem -

One fine day

One Fine Day

One fine day we met in the park
We stayed out together till after dark
We were a couple of school kids
So innocent & free
One fine day

We grew so close
We were more than friends
& We thought those days would never end
Coz Nothing mattered, It was only you & me
One fine day

We embraced the sun, We were 
Two little children having such good fun
But I never thought that those days would bother me

I wanna go back to those happy times
When we made our own music with lyrics & rhymes
We were lost in our moment
And time was on our side
We walked by the river & we threw some stones
When we were together we were never alone
But those days are gone
And I’m left with just memories
One fine day

As time made us older
We just grew apart
But the memories linger
With you in my heart
And I often wonder Do you think of me
Or am I just a fool to be thinking of you
I should get on with my life and not be so blue
But I wanna go back to when we were young & free
One fine day


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Nicely written linda