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Our 1st boat ride

We seized the day!

Our 1st boat ride

Finally the day had come,
Just yesterday,
About half past one.
For me to take my boys out,
On our wide open pond.
Our 1st boat ride,
You should’ve seen the laughter and smiles,
not just my younger 2 ones,
But on the face of my eldest son.

Out onto the River Stour we strolled,
Oars at the ready,
Just incase,
As With our electric motor we trolled.
With our virus ‘bubble' friends,
We each shared boat rides,
To let this story be told.
Each time taking it further out,
Kobe at the stern so bold.
With the wind blowing its sea breeze,
 through his ‘permed’ locks,
 of shimmering gold.
Sea spray in his face,
But he doesn’t care, 
He never feels the cold.
Me though?
I was feeling hypothermia setting in,
Well at least felt like it,
After the first wave hit,
And gave me a soaking.
But I’d do it everyday of the year,
Just to sea my kids happy,
And finding life exciting.
We even took a small rod out,
 for our 1st boat 

Nearly bought home a little fishy,
In a little net,
When our boat rolled in.
But alas,
It wasn’t to be so,
But that little fishy,
Caused excitement,
For us all,
 on that go.

For each of the 4 rides,
To begin with,
Constantly being challenged,
 by the seas tide,
we rode over the waves.
Draining half of our batteries power,
Our boats drive.
To turn around on the waves,
 and riding them in,
As we use half of the power,
As we’re pulled back to the seas side.
On the last landing,
We Narrowly missed the sharp edges of the oyster bed,
our river hides.
So next time we go out,
Perhaps when its calm,
And sea how long the battery then glides.
We’ll take it down river,
Away from the oceans,
Instant changeable currents and tides.
At least there we are safe from p and o ferries,
Or container ships sides.
That’s when you’d sea us all rowing,
Rowing for not just mine,
But all our lives.
So come on weather,
Hurry up and be nice.
Just sun,
No breeze.
So Somewhere we can go,
And troll our native rivers with ease.
We are lucky here,
As spoilt with such choice,
On our rivers,
So serene...

I now can’t wait for the next time,
And the next even more.
I just love being with my boys,
Exploring the great outdoors.
It’s so much better,
Than playing the computer,
 sat indoors.
Next time,
We’ll conserve the battery a little,
And try our strength out,
Pulling the oars!

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james bevan

thank you. Is nice to log our life experiences through poetry. Tour comment is much appreciated thank you 🙂