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Our pet Quackers 🦆🐥🐥🦆

Our pet Quackers 🦆🐥🐥🦆

I peep out of my window when I hear all the noise
but it is only our quacking commotion from the girls and the boys now you can tell which are the drakes by their end feather curls
little humerous butts with twirling swirls

Well they are squibbling and a’squabbling as they always do 
A boisterous battle over which boy will woo
Whilst the woman ducks run away from the hullabaloo
Eeh one would think they were injured with all the ballyhoo

These ducks are our pets we’ve had them all our married life from when we were youngun’s as a husband and a wife
One ducks just had eighteen ducklings so our numbers are rife but they are part of our park and don’t give us any strife

Camper’s love to see our ducks they think they are heavensent 
Mind you God know’s what they call them when they waddle in their tent
Yet the bird brains are just hungry so their little intentions are well meant
And if food wafts in the air our quackers appetites are hell bent

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Marion Price

Oh you are Soooo lucky to have the space Jill...I actually judge people by their kindness to animals...you are RIGHT UP THERE lady!!!😃🤩🤩💕

Jill Tait

Awwwww shugs me lil shit machines 💗❤️💗😃