Poem -

Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box

Evil lurks with in, 
A box beneath my soul,
Held by chains and locks,
The magic will not hold,
The Demons that want to play.

They're scratching at the walls,
Trying to break free,
Waiting for a fool,
So they can finally breath.

Carefully listen,
To the rocking back and forth,
Rattling of the chains,
Snapping of the locks,
The magic fades away.

The box is wide open,
A tornado has formed,
The screaming of laughter,
The hell fire that's burning,
As my soul is blackened.

The Demons are now free,
Crawling through my skin,
Boiling my blood,
Screaming in my head,
That they have come to play.

What a fool,
To be the one,
To open the Pandora's Box,
Releasing all the evil,
Feel the wrath of me!

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