Poem -

Passion Satisfied

Work In Progress

Passion Satisfied

Ways ahead are governed by kindred past.
Examples, as mistakes, show what is cast.
In light of event an education comes easily.
Evaluation, of soulful work, creates forcibly.

When an end draws near thoughts tighten.
Crystal clear is all need, for hearts to open.
Regrets few, as memory lingers on reward.
Legacy given converting praise to the lord.

Desire to be remembered for doing a best.
Efforts aimed always at passing a true test.
Want of more, for the just, driving promise.
Hope, in death, as life, arising from a bliss.

Defining you ?

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Pratibha Savani

Interesting short poem on passion. I'm wondering now if it's still in progress what the final is going to be like. ๐Ÿ’œ

Richard Waters

" Do you not like " shorts " ? "
If, you get a message across, you get, it, across ! " IF, IT WORKS, IT, WORKS. " Surely ? What length does, it, have to be for you, then ? Please specify. Thanks.ย  :) :)