Poem -

Penny Falls

Penny Falls

Neon lights
a crushing crescendo
an avalanche of noise 
children persistent
in the endless allowance
for holiday coins 

just out of reach 
the penny falls aid and abet 
constant cries beseech 

Back at the static 
at the holiday complex 
the children dream contently 
of today and the next

I wash my hands
the smell of stale copper coins 
is saturated into my skin
I finish with a potent gin and tonic 
with my gamma GT it's moronic 
but tomorrow a new day begins

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Syd...I am taking my children to a gaming arcade on Wednesday, and your poem reminds me of how much those silly coins mean to them to try to earn tickets for prizes, that are not worth all the money they get excited about spending....lol  But it makes them happy.  Enjoyed, xo  


Hi Cherie, yes you're much better off buying the toys directly from the shop. Those ticket machines are a rip off but the kids won't listen.

Thanks for reading and leaving feed back.

Enjoy your day out - Syd xo