Poem -



Pretend it’s my time to fake

Let’s pseudo equate 
Take somthing good 
“Tell-’em it’s great”

Don’t lie.. 
Bitter sweet taste 

Create that  
Stupid look on a face 
Challenge knowledge
Until it’s up in flames 

Add to that fire 
Fuel for inspire 
Couple feet higher 

“Until it’s a blaze”

Community “code..”
Gossip in blossom...

Smooth ride on a dirt road

Cooking up lunch on a burnt out stove

Selling value in a high intrest loan

Tell you what to be
Go on about your hay day
Don’t think of me
Remember what I say  

 lost in a job 
 the boss is the cause 
Of misery and pain

Started out as work 
“now it’s all play”

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Edward Williams

Thank you so much Lisa . I really took a lot of time rearranging the stanzas and changing words to get what I was aiming for .. I hope it inspired and made the heat race a little to create a ambiance 

Mitsali Fatima

Like I seriously love the way you write it's always so unique :)
Awesome write because even if I didn't completely understand I got the rush of emotions from it!

Edward Williams

Omg thank you so much and that is EXACTLY what I aim for ...the rush .. I’m not telling a story I’m helping the reader create there own story.
thanks so much for the support 
you are a great writer too
and I really get your intentions and respect and enjoy your poetry as well