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Pretty Bubbles Everywhere 💕

Pretty Bubbles Everywhere 💕

She blows her plastic bubble stick
There’s tiny bubbles everywhere
Floating thru the atmoshere
Popping in the air

Slowly she puffs, she takes her time
As the liquid falls out & oozes like slime

This bubble is big, transparent & round
As it descends very slowly
& lands on the grassy ground

Pretty & colourful, shiny & pure
She loves this bubble it is not miniature
She giggles with glee, such a sweet little girl
With her jet black hair to her waist in a whirl

An abundance of beautiful bubbles
A fermentation of froth
Spilling from her fingers
Soaking her floral, cotton cloth

A droplet of sparkle
A beaded balloon
Not lasting very long
Going ‘pop’ too soon

Oh how she adores her translucent blobs
She could blow her bubbles forever
They look like crystallized glass
Isn’t she so clever 


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