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Pride in my 3 suffolk young carers, And what they do for me

my boys


Pride in my 3 suffolk young carers,
And what they do for me

Suffolk young carers?
That Was new to me.
But my special young carers,
Are my super amazing 3.
Amazing is an understatement, 
For the little men they are all proving to be...
They hold us all together,
Such a tight knit family...
Finally some recognition,
 for the awe inspiring job they do,
as our life is hectic,
a mission.
Whether it be a tea or coffee,
All 3 of my kids,
would be willing to make it for me!
Even Bradley,
at 7,
Would produce it!
Is so adorable to see!
Kobe cooking dinner for the whole tribe of B,
And Riley cleaning up once all finished our sumptuous, evening tea....
They are my 3 accumulations  of life energy.
I’m so glad I’ve planted them,
on our cosmic family tree!
They Hoover,
They dust,
They wash up and clean.
Sounds like child labour,
Just without those that oversee,
a slave trader being,
Who are often cold,
calculated and mean!
I’m a proud father and,
With them,
To me,
I’m living the dream!
Every turning point,
in their turbulent young lives,
 they just smile and off they go,
cricket and so much more,
if I could,
I would watch them forever.
Riley and Bradley both love their football,
for them,
is their favourite, 
by far overall!
Taking them to training,
playing with pride in their eyes,
hearing us cheering from down the touchline,
come on boys!
coaches and matches,
I do it all.
I don’t think you could build anything,
for how proud,
they each make me.
It would reach to the heavens and more if built into a brick wall!
They are my superheroes,
My suffolk young carers,
All mine,
All 3....
Not to forget Kobe through this!
He’s the main reason for this poetry release...
He’s had to take charge,
Be the main man in the house,
unelentlessly to his caring side,
I happily gave in.
how could any dad prevent his child from caring and loving?
Just want them to know that I dont know where I’d be,
without the 3 of them,
Especially my 1st,
especially him....
Kobe was the lucky one though,
He had a half healthy dad,
One that could carry him on the shoulders and having a lark.
 Standing on top of benches at the rail line,
Even in the dark of the park.
Getting train drivers attention to pull on their horn.
The smiles just that would give him when ‘Thomas’ horn,
came from nowhere in the depths of the with his lights in the dark.
and Now?
I can hardly pick my 7 yr old up to sit on my lap,
As the pain is too deep,
too sharp...
Kobe though, 
Now 13,
Has finally started rugby,
which I had to give up due to my health at 16 regrettably!
He has a lot of pent up anger,
so uses rugby as a type of therapy!
He’s only played twice and couldn’t have made me more proud or happy!
He was outstanding in his first game,
Given man of the match,
always making me proud.
thrown In at the deep end,
And told he’s astounding,
just hearing them words,
my body's brimming with pride in....
Second time of playing,
a 4 game tournament this time,
15 mins each,
in which kobe,
truly did shine!
My god but he made me proud!
Tipped to be the best player on the team....
A beast from the east was the chant,
'he's like a machine!'
As expressed,
next to me,
by the on looking A team!
All asking the coaches,
''why is not playing with us?''!
after 2 games already winning their praise,
as well as their trust. 
Now hopefully he’ll follow the yellow brick road,
And hone these skills that are promising a rugby life,
full of medals of gold...
Storming runs,
Side steps and spinning out of tackles like a ballerina.
He was bought down to one knee,
Got up and carried on,
like the great Spartacus in the roman arena!
The last of the 4 games,
for added incentive, 
I promised a tenner,
to see if it would draw a try from him being proactive.
Drawing strength from no where,
he Had a burst of lightening pace,
That was it,
as he was away!
Scoring his 1st try for the club but also won us the game!
My god but that boy was getting some amazing praise!

So 2 lil footballers,
destined for greatness,
If carried on,
To carry on the fa cup medal,
That their great uncle won!
1975 playing for west ham!
Then now kobe,
Hopefully to get the chance to play with the saints in Northampton.
Well that’s my dream,
and hoping his too,
Watching him from within the stadium,
within one of the uks most iconic rugby crew

His mum,
Unfortunately wont take him to this,
What makes him happy,
On ‘her' weekend games!
So as a full time terminally ill dad of 3,
I take them all too their different training sessions,
 every Thursday.
We leave at 5 and are back at 9!
Just to see the smiles that beam back to me.
All making me super proud,
Just Knowing they are mine!
Since my wife cheated and left her boys behind,
 on January 02 of 2017,
to be precise.
All I want them to know is,
That it is me that has tried,
tried to keep us like a proper family.
I want them to know that without them i couldn’t possibly survive.
i want them to know that they are the reason I’m still alive,
for all these years now as it’s for them I strive to be able to cling onto life.
So thank you for everything,
in all that you do,
You’re my 3 Suffolk young carers,
 and I’m so appreciative and proud of all the choices ,
In life, 
You all make and choose.
Dont worry about dad as I will be home soon!

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