Poem -

Psychedelic Thunder

Psychedelic Thunder

Tomorrow we're going back to nature 
Attending a concert of emotions 
Plied with chemicals and potions

Tomorrow I'm corrupting my oldest friend 
He's easily led 
He needs little encouragement
He's happily spoon fed

Tomorrow we're throwing caution to the wind 
Ecuadorian fungus we're ingesting 
The day will be like no other
Kaleidoscopic, a learning high, ultra interesting

I hope to witness nature's thunder
I expect a great epithany 
A live orchestra in a sold out crowd 
Playing a greatest symphony

Anything could happen 
I feel we could learn something and belong...
I have faith...
We must escape our institutionalised minds 
While attending and simultaneously melding 
With DJ Pete Tong  


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Cheers Nigel. I'm sure we'll have a good one. Hope you're keeping well.

I've got a little time to myself for the next few weeks so I hope to catch up on Cosmo.

Best wishes  - Syd 


Yes Nigel, that's my pen name at least. Could have done with a game of dominoes on a day so hot, so warm. Instead I've been stuck at work.

- Syd 

terry terri ZO

is the old friend yourself--must read more of your stuff-i have eye condition so sometimes hard--
an open mind there the best x


The old friend was infact and old friend Terri. We had a very vivid experience. Thanks for stopping by my page and commenting. I hope your eye condition doesn't get worse.

Much appreciated - Syd