Poem -


I passed by a busker on Quaker Street 
He played his songs that had a good beat 
I looked in his cap no money so far 
Does he do it to survive or become a star ? 

The busker knew the words to every song 
Some were short and others were long 
People are too busy to appreciate his voice  
I guess it's just a matter of personal choice 

Elvis was sung by the busker and the Beatles too 
My favourite was Dignity by Deacon Blue 
When the busker finally finished his set 
We had a conversation I'm not likely to forget

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Cherie Leigh

HI Kieran...I love to hear street musicians play in downtown Charlotte in NC here. They are usually really good and do have an interesting background.  Your poem leaves me hanging wanting a part two to know what conversation you had with this busker that left you with thoughts you will never forget...Thanks for sharing.