Poem -

Raining love always...

Raining love always...

In times of strength I look upon the image that makes the rain pour down
In times of weakness I look for that smile that keeps my life on the ground 
Such times in the past have been broken and the transition still has beauty in their eyes 
The angelic look of innocence within their soul I will keep for them, to give back in time 

I was born to raise you up, to see dreams come true from deep within 
You will rise, you will conquer, you will fly among dreams with your wings 
Now you walk on God's place, in your heart, you'll make a change 
I know with your strong soul it will be, Raining love always 
Raining love always 

This picture I move around my house is never in the right place, as the home of this image is in my heart and it shows on my face
You carry your independence like a queen to her castle, I'm rich in this fine art, we are built like Noah's ark, for our love, each day I pray 
In our home it's,
Raining love always
Raining love always

With shailyn she has the right kind of heart and with Rian I held her in my arms 
Time has gone by and now I hold both with all my love, that's when I know I'm ready for the rain
To look at this on my wall 
Makes an old man stand tall 
I take time out to see their beautiful face
I love my favourite photo, on rainy days 
For it's,
Raining love always 
Raining love always 

My purpose of living is to keep them dreaming
In dark times, teach them how to cope 
In tough times, speak the days of hope
In happy times remember days of old
For the good times can be forever told
This picture in my heart I will forever hold
So let this tell you I'm a happy Wayne 
As it's raining love always 
Raining love always...

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Tony Taylor

This is INCREDIBLY moving!!...... It's so well written...... so beautiful in its intent........ so unselfish in its creatively astonishing use of poetry as a device to convey what's in the heart and soul of the author!!...... Truly!!!....... One of the most perfect pieces I've ever read on COSMO!!!...... once again ~ ASTONISHING work my friend!!....... Pinned for perfection!!........LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo ♥ 👍👍👍👍 ♥😊

Wayne Stubbs

Wow!! What an incredible comment Tony, I thank you ever so much! You're very supportive in my writing 👏👏👏 thanks again and thanks for the pin! ☮💓 brother poet! 👍