Poem -


Mama is broke has no money to spend  
However she has love of her family and a best friend 
Cares for her family with love and support  
Times sure are hard but we never run short 

Papa is a hard working God fearing man
Works all hours and does the best that he can
Does all the jobs around the house and the chores
Mama loves Papa dearly and jokes that he snores 

My folks tell me the difference between right and wrong  
Always tell me a good story and sing me a song 
I love my brothers and my sisters too 
Not easy being the youngest though that much is true

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Isaac Pulpit

Love the story, and how you managed with the rhyming scheme. But I think the message was quite different from the topic. You only spoke about Mama and Papa, nothing else about how you were raised.
However you have a nice message. Congrats.