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  She feels the cold hard floor under Her back,

Too dark to see an inch in front of Her,

The tears running down her face,

So Unclean inside, She tries to run.

Her feet slipping, drug, hit, bitten,

Why? what did I say, what did I do?

Unworthy, Unclean,

Her temple is ruined,

Can they see behind those tear filled eyes?

Suck it up, move on, Hide it

     The leaves under her skirt, The scratches on her knees,

The bruises on her arms and legs,

The pepper spray that she couldn't reach dripping down her leg,

She sits on the shower floor, water running down her face flowing with the tears, & wonders why?

Why her? What did I say, what did I do?

      The Dark cold room, to intoxicated to move,

She tries to get away, But her body Slips back down to weak to pull itself up,

Her legs ripped open, jacket torn as she's thrown back on the floor,

making running, just beautiful moments ago

Her tears fill up the room as she finally gives up and lets her body go,

Head spinning, mind racing as she tries to block it out,

why? where are you? you were just here!

Tears fill her beautiful green eyes as they search around the room.

Where are you?! Where are you?! you were just here !!

What did I say? What did I do?

   Her body unclean, Unworthy

The scars on her heart, The scars on her soul,

Her personal river filled with Life long tears and betrayal,

Her trust is lost, her faith and hope are taken

Trying to pick her pride up off its knees

Face buried in its sorrow, hidden behind a cloche of lying smiles,

To afraid to show what she's been through.

   LOVE? sweet, & subtle

A Dark gentle face, Bright gentle smile,

Could it be possible, or to good to be true?

Months pass, then a year or two.

Scars on her heart from damage done, The pain she can no longer hide rises from with in.

Heart torn as she Holds her baby boy,

Life shattered as she's lost all she's every really known.

No more trust, No more Faith

She asks why? Why her?

What did I do? What did I say?

She questions what she has done wrong?

Ice around her cold dead heart, Nothing will ever be the same.

Physically, mentally, emotionally,


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