Poem -

Right Arm of God

Right Arm of God

I can feel myself losing control
My mind is over ran with riches as my wealth takes hold.
Evergreen memories enveloped me whole as my conscious grows bold
Praying to my abundance to fill the hole in my soul
Whispering in Gods ear constantly so only he knows
He looked me in my eyes and showed me where to go
Then he told me that I should always protect my Ethos
Now my spirit constantly reap what my body sows
Even though my flesh is repeatedly catching body blows.
I shine bright and spirit grows
I am unbreakable so that means I will never fold
Instead, I will rise to fulfill my destiny
To build on this earth, Something so heavenly
So my heart is in tune with my mind and they’re always chasing spiritual property:
Somewhere my soul can roam
Where I can get away from this earth and enter my mind I call my spiritual dome.
A place where I can be left alone but I know there I will never feel alone
Cause inside my concious my demons made themselves at home
I know that they will never do me any harm
They’ve already been persuaded by my devilish charm
They guard me well and are always on high alarm
This may be sad to say but its they only thing that brings me calm
The demons are constantly chopping down evil ideals that are plotted on my spiritual farm
God has sent these protectors to strengthen our bond
His body is the cosmos and I am his right arm

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Wilford Barker

Once again... You have demonstrated that you have a great sense of communicating your feelings with ease and rhythm..
thanks for sharing.. Keep the flow!

Luckner Philogene

Thank you, I appreciate the comment and love. Its the small gesture that makes the big changes in other people life.Β 

Ruza Cosic

So on point and real. Moved me. Very relatable and eloquent. πŸ™πŸ½πŸ‘ŠπŸ½

Ann Uva

Powerful expressions. I like this a lot.Β 


A lovely piece, with a wonderful sense of re awakening,self discovery and a real positive attitude for the future...well done and congratulations on your nomination!