Poem -

Rise up humanity against brutal men

Humanity should be beautified
Instead humanity is brutalised
Don’t give yourself to the service of these men
These uncaring, unsharing people in government
Who will sell their souls to fill their own pockets
Destroy other countries cities with their rockets
You are better than this, you know we are one race
In adversity we should stare it in the face
Refuse to back down and refuse to allow
Humanity to be harmed and treated like this
There is still slavery and human trafficking
These are things that should not be happening
But there is big money, and people behind it
So it’s likely law enforcement and the judiciary know it
There are fake wars fought under false flags
Meanwhile its victims lay dead in their rags
Babies body es left dead on the street
Now resembling pieces of dead meat
Why yoh following these Savage brutal men
Why are you even voting for them
Humanity deserves better as does this earth
We need men and wormen of worth
To guide us to a place whee re we can transcend and evolve
Where hate violence and needless warmongering can be solved
Through the power of forgiveness, peace and love
Your buying us with money is now not enough
Materialism don’t cut no more
Living with greed in fear is not appealing anymore
People now prefer to make a change
Against tour brutal, greedy and xenophobic ways
So don’t let life make you bitter so you don’t back these brutal men
Forget about making enemies
It’s time to make friends
No matter what they tell us to believe
While they sit in the ivory towers and seethe
We can break out of this negative society
And discover the real truth of being happy
And accepting all men and women are all part of our family
One race one love and a kinder more evolved, progressive humanity
All working towards one visionary goal
To get to a point where climate change is solved
And that war, hate and violence are virtues of ancient men of old
Who will figure not once in stories told
To future generations for we don’t need to remember that shame
Unlike the positive life that we can achieve in a future age.

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Humanity deserves better so does this 
earth, We need men and wormen of worth

Powerful heart ❤️


Thank you very much Deano for reading and appreciating as well understanding. Faux