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So the children were not spared
Of course not
Easier to abandon them
To fire and brimstone
Or whatever their lot
And the roots that they came from
So twisted in earth
That nothing of good
From that
Could be birthed
So the children were not spared.
Marion Price (2019)


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Icarus Flocke

This work makes a very powerful statement Marion.
I love it.

spare the root, spoil the tree, but who do you blame?
the world or it's seed?

Marion Price

Which came first...the chicken or the egg?? I'm not sure, I believe we as a species lost our way so I suppose the world. New things are innocent and easily moulded...there again... you can raise two seedlings in exactly the same environment and one will flourish, the other wither. I believe that all things need nurturing but genetics play a massive part in the individual needs of a living thing. You can provide an exact environment but maybe the roots themselves will choose(are fated) to absorb different things which will send each on a different journey?? Does that make sense?? Ha...food for thought on my long night shifts, I will get back to you after further consideration 🤪🤪😁

Cherie Leigh

Hi Marion...Such a deep seeded poem...lol  Those roots can have great foundation and still the environment shape them another way....As children are individuals and their natures tend to go one way or another with what they hold onto...and we can only hope as parents that we give them a good foundation in which to have a chance to grow with a good produce....I love your very deep writes. xo ;)  Love n Hugs  

Marion Price

Thanks Cherie, yes as parents we can only do our best but many children don't get loving parents or a loving environment, nobody to really care about them, it makes me wonder what they lose or what qualities and talents are lost because of a lack of nurturing, or do genetics win through...who knows  💜